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FREE Salsa On The Beach Dance Program For Vets, Family, & Friends!!

This is a FREE Open event; invite your friends. FREE PARKING. There will be salsa, cha cha, and bachata music being played. This is done every last Saturday of the month!! There will be a cardboard dance floor like last event so I would suggest shoes like Toms or something like that. Bonfire at the end. This is a free event. Everyone please bring a healthy dish or appetizer or....smiles. Please contact the VFW webmaster, Tiffany Ware, for each monthly salsa event dates. 

12:00pm: SOTB begins! music begins: Salsa, bachata, chachacha

12:45pm: beginner salsa/cha cha cha class

2:30pm:. Intermediate salsa/cha cha cha groove class

3:30pm: Group photo

3:45pm: Birthday Dances

5:00pm: Take down dance floor/clean up food while there's still light

5:30pm: start bonfire

5:45pm-9:30pm Bonfire chill music

Again, I recommend wearing Tom's or watershoes to protect the soles of your feet for dancing if dancing in the sand, cardboard floor, or water. This event will be located the same location as the usual event: across the street from the crown point address address of this event (by the bay) in San Diego. 
There's free parking and bathrooms there. 

This event is to bring all salseros from different dance companies and all ages together beginner to advanced for a fun day enjoying the beach, sun, and of course dancing. Bring the kids. Bring the family. With the event getting bigger, i only ask everyone to throw away their trash and be respectful of one another. With that said, see you all there!

Post 3788 Community Service - Helping the Homeless

One of the Post’s community service projects is feeding the homeless downtown most Tuesday nights. I want to personally thank Martha Lopez and Mike O’Brien for taking their time to come out and assist with visiting and feeding the many we meet on the streets. We have the opportunity to talk to many homeless Veterans and non-Veterans letting them know that the VFW has not forgotten them and we care about their welfare. We remind the Veterans to reach out to the VFW Posts for any assistance we can provide them. I also want to thank the many who have donated clothing to me for the homeless, it is always appreciated.
We applied for and received a $1,000.00 grant from the VFW Foundation to help support feeding the homeless. We truly appreciate the additional funds in order to continue to support this program and to be able to purchase other items such as blankets, socks, and hygiene products.
Since July, we have fed 1,045 homeless people, volunteered 81 hours, drove 481miles, and donated $960.36. We received the grant in October and out of the $960.36, $362.83 was from the grant money received.
Christmas is always a time of giving and for the past 4 years I have personally purchased gifts and delivered them on Christmas morning to about 200 of our homeless neighbors. The grant money will help to make sure the homeless have Christmas again this year.
As we are starting into the winter months, if you have any jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, small tents, scarfs, gloves, and beanie type hats, that you would like to donate, we will make sure they get to those who need them the most. Please bring them to the post and let me know, my number is 858-380-7960, I will come and pick them up.
Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve you!
-Susan Small

Photos of Events


VFW 3788's 60th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration 1/27/2017

Post 3788 at the Feed the Troops for USO MARCH 2016

POST PICNIC 8/27/2016 & Poppy Dinner 9/9/2016

Austin D. West- Patriot Pen Winner

Marybelle Panlilio- Voice of Democracy Winner


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