Below you will find pertinent information about joining the VFW and Auxiliary.  
Membership applications can be filled out and returned to the post.

VFW Eligibility
You are eligible to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars is you meet any of the following criteria:
-have received a campaign medal for overseas service
-have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea
-have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay

Annual Membership - $45 per year
Life Membership:

18-30      $425
31-40      $410
41-50      $375
51-60      $335
61-70      $290
71-80      $225
81+         $170

Life Member fees can be paid in a one-time lump sum ~or~  Initial payment of $45 & 11-monthly installments for the remaining balance.
Complete Eligibility Information
Sign-up Online or stop by the Post, see the bartender for an application.

Auxiliary Membership
Auxiliary membership is open to all immediate family members over the age of 16 with a close relation to someone that is eligible for membership in the VFW.  Most common are spouses, parents, and children of eligible members.

Complete Eligibility Information 
Membership Application or stop by the Post to sign up.

There are a number of volunteer opportunities for Veteran and Active Duty throughout the year with dinners & special events.  Please email or call the post for more information.

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Phone: 858-277-5510

Fax: 858-277-5564

Email: vfw3788@aol.com